Returning Home

Do you want to stay in your own home, but health issues are making you worried about not being able to keep up with everything?

Are you currently living in a nursing home or some type of institutional setting, and you want to return to the community?

Do you know what your resources are?

Do you know what your rights are?

We believe everyone has the right to live in their own home if they want to.
Our staff works hard to partner with you to move home. We have worked with local agencies like the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services, and the local nursing facilities to assure your success. For people who have been in a facility for 90 days or more there is a federal program available to help you move home. 
Staff are available to give you information and assist you as you plan to leave the nursing home and return to your community. Specific services might include helping with financial planning, finding services you need in the community, finding an accessible apartment, helping you talk to your family about your needs, and anything else related to community living.